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“We are committed to making your San Diego party boat experience and San Diego booze cruise tours worthwhile and memorable with our carefully thought-of packages that you simply could not resist.”

Party Boat San Diego

San Diego is such a beautiful place, to say the least. There are just so many things to do and enjoy. And some of those things are what we offer here.

Thinking of having a San Diego yacht party with family and friends? How about a San Diego booze cruise? Well, you have come to the right place. Yacht parties San Diego with us will leave you ultimately satisfied.

We are committed to making your San Diego party boat experience and San Diego booze cruise tours worthwhile and memorable with our carefully thought-of packages that you simply could not resist. Rock the yacht San Diego style is something you should try in your lifetime!

Our packages include adults-only cruise, anchor and swim, bachelorette parties, booze cruise, bay tours, unity meeting and team building, whale watching, and whale party. Quite overwhelming, right? For very good reasons, of course. Our San Diego party cruise packages are all worth it!

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What can we offer?

Adults Only Cruise

Adults-only cruises are profitable simply because they offer a form of relaxing (and sometimes crazy) escape to the routine way of life. Working for your hard-earned money, paying your bills, taking care of yourself and family, making sure that everything is under control under your control can be pretty tiring and messy at times. Certainly, a quick getaway is something you will look forward to help you forget even just momentarily the struggles of everyday life. A San Diego boat party and a San Diego yacht cruise with this package are on to a whole new level of fun and excitement!

Bachelorette Parties

This package is ultimately designed to guarantee a fantastic and memorable bachelorette party on our party boat in San Diego. We know that a celebration like this always has a special reason—to help ushering in another chapter in a girl’s life while lovingly saying goodbye to the one before it. It is a time for recollection, loving messages and wishers, and of course, fun! Whatever that may mean for you. The point is, we will be here to help you out in having a memorable San Diego yacht party experience.

San Diego Bay Tours

We will arrange everything for you so you do not have to stress yourself out and worry about anything. Booking in advance will give you peace of mind and comfort. You no longer have to rush because once you book with us, leave everything to our care because we will take care of everything for. Our San Diego bay tours will be relaxing all throughout. All you have to do follow the itinerary we will prepare for you. Take pictures, enjoy the food and drinks, chill and unwind to your heart’s satisfaction, and so much more. To try it is to absolutely believe it!

Anchor and Swim

Rock the boat San Diego during your next swimming session with friends and family, which will go several levels higher in terms of fun and classiness. You just cannot stop reading and leave yourselves hanging as to why this is so. Well, it is actually pretty simple—book you next swimming adventure with us and have a remarkable experience with our top-of-the-class San Diego party boats and yachts as well.

Yes, you have read that right. Our anchor and swim package is the real deal if you are looking for a memorable experience that will forever be etched in your memories. All you have to do is decide on a date and contact us immediately to star the necessary steps in securing your spot in one of our San Diego party boats and yachts that will take you to your next swimming adventure. Rock the boat San 
Diego style!

Booze Cruise San Diego

Adding booze to any party absolutely completes the formula for a wonderful celebration. You simply cannot deny this. And to have it while cruising through tranquil waters? The experience could not get any better! Booze cruising with chums is something you cannot miss especially with our Catamaran booze cruise San Diego.

We will take care of everything for you. Just give us the specifics of the kind of San Diego yacht party experience you have in mind, and our San Diego booze cruise accomplices will make things happen. We have options for the yacht or boat you can use, the kinds drinks you want to be served, and the overall mood you want to have.

Unity Meetings and Team Building

Imagine having your team building activity while being in unity with nature as well? Here in San Diego, we have plenty of spots and areas where being one with nature is reached. It is so simple. But with our San Diego boat, we take it into a whole new level. Our top-of-class yachts will take you to your next team building destination and paved the way for a remarkable experience for your crew.  We will provide everything that you need in terms of ambiance, atmosphere, and awesomeness!

Yacht Party San Diego

It is indisputable that a San Diego yacht party is one exciting way to create great memories with loved ones and have something to look back to or look forward for should you want to have some more. The feeling of luxury and glamour brought by being on a yacht and having a great time is something you need not shy away from. It is definitely worth all the money you shell out for a party boat in San Diego.

With our San Diego yacht party package, you can choose what yacht or boat to use for your event. Consider the number of people you will invite and the kind of party or celebration you are planning to have. We will also take care of your food, beverages, and desserts that will surely suit your liking. Of course, decorations will also be on us to perfectly fit the ambiance and atmosphere you are aiming for. Our party planner will take care of everything for you.

Whale Watching

Whale watching in San Diego is something that is no longer a secret. In fact, it is one of our city’s gifts to tourists and even to locals—that we can offer this kind of experience to so many people is our pride and joy. Whale watching season happens from mind-December through April, with the gray whales as the most common species.

Whale watching with us is an experience you surely will not regret. In fact, you might even want to go back as many times as you can. Our high-caliber yachts and boats will take you to a great spot where you will have a clear and breathtaking of these gentle giants of the sea. Perhaps while taking a sip of your red wine, chilling out with family and friends and having nice chitchats and just purely enjoying a relaxing time. The feeling is absolutely divine, you bet.

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Your Safety is Also Our Priority

Our San Diego yacht cruise, Catamaran booze cruise San Diego package, and rock the yacht San Diego offers are also planned out with safety and security in mind. We do not only take care of your overall satisfaction with our packages but also of your lives. We undergo precautionary measures just to make sure that our guests and clients are well-aware of the risks that a boat party in San Diego or San Diego yacht party may bring. Of course, we do not wish for dangerous things to transpire; however, we should always be prepared because we only have limited control of things at hand. Hence, our boats and yachts are also well-equipped with emergency equipment and first aid materials and tools should the need arise to use them. Simply put, you need not worry even when it comes to these matters. Your safety is also our priority.

Book with us!

What are you waiting for? Book us now so we can start planning on your next amazing San Diego yacht party adventure! If you are still not convinced, well perhaps you are still scare to spend money on experiences such as what we offer. Fortunately, we are also proud to inform guests that our prices are very much reasonable and affordable given the kind of feeling and emotion you get when you avail of our packages. At the end of it, it is guaranteed that you will want more; you will think of booking us again right afterward.

We are proud to be in San Diego!

Yes, we are! The natural beauty that our city has been blessed with is something we cannot take credit for. We are simply just grateful for them. That is why we are elated to have been able to come up this business of sharing the beauty of San Diego to so many people so that they may also feel blessed and joyful. San Diego is indeed a breathtaking place with so many stunning views and places that we want to share to the whole world!